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Mon Nov 25 09:22:17 UTC 2002

Arm_bare_bsp is a unconplete board for an arm. A Board is the part of
code which is dependent from your real board (or for your simulator).
All this code is in the directory /c/src/lib/libbsp/arm of the rtems
code. After the build (I don't know for what board do you compile
rtems?) you may have in the /opt/rtems directory (if you haven't done at
the configure the --prefix options) a directory named like your board.
I re-suggest you to read "Getting started with RTEMS for c/c++ users"
manual which is more complete and shure more exact of a mail written by me!
Sorry for my bad English I hope that you understand wath I said!
Good work Francesco.

Howard wrote:

>Hi Francesco.
>    Now I can compile it successfully . ( I guess so)
>    Could you please tell me what the result is after compile successfully ?
>    And I've another problme that is I don't know how to download
>arm_bare_bsp to the target board ?
>    Please help me !
>    Thank you very much !!!
>    Best Regards!
>    Howard.
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>I'm working with arm-rtems and for my experience I suggest you to
>install the rpm for arm-rtems-gcc newlib and binutils.
>In particolar you can look at the file:
>Here there are all the tools that you may need, obviosly if you cross
>compile for arm-rtems you only need the rpm referred to arm and the base
>You can find those file into the snapshot ftp under the tools sections.
>They work very veel the only problems are that you must have the root
>diricts for build rpm.
>In the Getting started with RTEMS for c/c++ users you can find all the
>documentation you may need!

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