memory footprint

Wulf Hofbauer wh73 at
Tue Nov 26 23:25:43 UTC 2002

On Tue, Nov 26, 2002 at 10:32:08PM -0000, Chris Caudle wrote:
> I ran across this paper recently where someone investigated how small an ELF 
> executable could be.
> The quick summary was that a one line C program which did nothing but return a 
> constant is about 4kB unless you take drastic measures.

That article refers to the size of the ELF object file. It has nothing to
do with the code size.

For illustration, I wrote a primitive preemptively multithreaded
"hello world" program for getting more familiar with the MVME147. Including
startup/initialization and scheduling code, I ended up with 520 bytes
of text, of which a considerable part is actually read-only
string constants (I admittedly relied on 147bug routines for
sending strings to the console, though).

- Wulf

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