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Wed Nov 27 21:13:54 UTC 2002

Arun Govind wrote:

>  I am new to this group as well as to RTEMS development. I have used the i386-rtems using my pc as the target and now preparing to move to a 'real' board. Can anyone suggest which processor and board I should opt for? Or which board is 'most commonly' used for RTEMS development? 
>I need all the necessary drivers for the board in the specific BSP.
I am using a DIMM-PC, which is effectively a 386 motherboard on a single chip (the development board comes with a PC104 interface). I was able to run the executable on a standard 386 and develop and test/use the device drivers using a ISA->PC104 extender card. This enabled be to test my system before getting the embedded PC

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