RTEMS ss-20021004 Available

Joel Sherrill joel.sherrill at OARcorp.com
Fri Oct 4 20:30:47 UTC 2002


A new snapshot is available at:


It includes the following:

  + a lot of automake/conf updates and fixes from Ralf,
  + the fix for PR267 (m68k _ISR_Nest_level, 
  + fix for IMFS close of unlinked files leak,
  + ARM fixes for networking
  + IP Alias ioctl addition
  + MIPS gdb stub builds again
  + a LOT of Ada95 binding and test suite work
  + cvsignore-add shell script

Also of importance are two packaging changes.  Formerly,
RTEMS versions consisted of 2 files.  Now it is 4.

  + the source tarball itself
  + diff to the previous version
  + (NEW) diff of all ChangeLogs
  + (NEW) file describing host OS and tool versions
    on the machine that cut the version.

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