Is newlib-1.10 required for ss-20021007?

Phil Torre ptorre at
Tue Oct 8 23:04:34 UTC 2002

I'm trying to build ss-20021007 for powerpc, and the build is
breaking in cancelrun.c because PTHREAD_CANCELED is undefined.

I see this in the changelog:

2002-08-09	Joel Sherrill <joel at>

	* src/cancelrun.c: Remove check for PTHREAD_CANCELED not being
	to ensure that newlib patch includes it.

I have a bad feeling that I need to get a newer newlib with the patch
mentioned above?  (That would be bad news for me, since I am marooned
at GDB-5.0 because my bdm debugger patch won't work with GDB 5.1 or
newer, which keeps me from moving up to gcc 3.x.)

If the above is correct, can I stick in a dummy define to get cancelrun.c
built without breaking something else, or am I out of luck?

Many thanks,


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