Dual-Ported Memory & Shared Memory Support

Salman unix at gofree.indigo.ie
Fri Oct 18 12:12:07 UTC 2002

Hey guys,

I'm back from my summer holidays, and now have to seriously dig into this
RTEMS over SCI cluster project.

I need to do address translation between SCI network and internal addresses,
modification of Dual-Ported Memory Manager should enable me to do this.

But what I don't understand is the Shared Memory Support. Can someone tell
me what was this Shared Memory Support designed for ? and whether I would
need it or not for SCI network.

Aside from this, can I have your opinions on Message passing over Ethernet.
If porting of SCI drivers is to be very time-consuming (which by the looks
of the driver source code, it is), we might consider having RTEMS on an
Ethernet based computer cluster (much slower obviously).



Fianl Year
Computer & Electronic Engineering student

Trinity College, Dublin

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