Problem with latest snapshot an coldfire cpu

Fabrizio Pirovano rtems.thysys at
Mon Oct 21 17:58:31 UTC 2002

I am working with 20021007 snapshot and the latest toolchain (gcc3.2 etc.)   on mycustom  coldfire 5272 platform. I have evidence of  the following problems:
1) crt0.o, crtbegin.o and crtend.o are not good for Coldfire because inside they use the <bsr> instruction  in place of  <jsr>. I use the old version of files and now all work fine.
2) In directory libmisc there are three little bugs due new type related to <object-> name>. You find attached the patch that I use. Please verify.
3) I found problems with gcc 3.2 and <-O4 -fomit-frame-pointer> option:
If I compile my applications without optimization all work fine but if I optimize, my programs crash.
I found a evidence of almost one gcc error (see file gccproblems.pdf)
Some explications:
<ii> is a counter declared <short int> and used in a <for()> instruction.  gcc3.2 put it in frame position -10(a6).
As you can see in 1E85E it is treated as word but.... in in 1E8A0 it is used as long  : <add.l> !!!!
in 1E8A8 the test of end loop is made correctly as short! The result is that loop controlled by <ii> never finish!
4) When I do <make install> the following file are not copied  in the install dir:
start.o      (intentionally?)
linkcmds  (intentionally?)
Best regards
Fabrizio Pirovano
THYSYS s.r.l.
Via della Valle 67 
20048 Carate Brianza (MI) Italy
pirovano.thysys at
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