Host-based RTEMS on Solaris

Tito Costa tito at
Tue Oct 29 02:44:53 UTC 2002


I'm trying to build the host-based version of RTEMS on Solaris, i.e. I 
didn't specify any --target or --enablebsp options at configure.

RTEMS assumes to have linux headers available like sys/cdefs.h, 
features.h, gnu/stubs.h even if they are not POSIX standard; I copied 
them from a linux machine.
Also <rtems>/cpukit/include/rtems/userenv.h and other header files 
contain directives like #ifdef (__linux__) that have to be fixed to make 
them work on Solaris.

In the file libmisc/shell/shell.c the lines stdin=fopen(...), 
stdout=fopen(...), stderr=fopen(...) throw "invalid lvalue in 
assignment" errors; by now i just commented them out.

Having fixed this, I got stuck in the "make all install" while ld was 
trying to link hello.exe

Undefined symbol        First referenced in file
console_control         o-optimize/init.o
console_close           o-optimize/init.o
console_read            o-optimize/init.o
console_initialize      o-optimize/init.o
console_open            o-optimize/init.o
console_write           o-optimize/init.o

ld: fatal: Symbol referencing errors. No output written to 
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status

can anyone comment on this?

thank you


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