as, cc, ld ... native or cross compiler? crt0.o?

Ralf Corsepius corsepiu at
Wed Oct 16 00:35:02 UTC 2002

Am Mit, 2002-10-16 um 00.19 schrieb Tito Costa:
> > Not good.  Did you install binutils in the same location before 
> > doing gcc/newlib?  I can't see why the native cc1 would be used though.
> > Something is definitely wrong on the tool build.
> >
> I'm using the pre-built tools for Solaris/SPARC with SPARC as a target.
> I didn't compile the tools.
> I don't see why the native tools should be used either.
Once and for all times: 

Building RTEMS uses native and target-cross tools, because parts of the
source tree are build natively while others are built cross (The source
tree applies 2-leaf Canadian Cross compilation, in certain situations,
even 3-leaf Canadiaion Cross compilation.)

> I linked 
> manually cc1, as, ld to the native tools because crosscompiler tools are 
> supposed to be "canonicalized" as Ralf suggested.

OK, let's stop this fruitless thread here and try to analyze what goes

Send me the logs of 

gcc -v hello.c >log1 2>&1

sparc-rtems-gcc -v hello.c >log2 2>&1

with this hello.c:

#include <stdio.h>

int main ()
  fprintf( stdout, "hello" );
  return 0;


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