problems compiling latest snapshoot

Vladimir Nesic vnesic at
Mon Oct 21 11:03:44 UTC 2002

Did anybody compile latest snapshoot for m68k (68360) processor? 

I have tried tools listed, but it won't work :(

gcc-3.2 		with gcc-3.2-rtems-20020819.diff
newlib-1.10.0	with newlib-1.10.0-rtems-20020809.diff

Tools copile and install, but when I try to compile snapshoot it crashes 
with some gcc internal errors?



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Hi all,
On one box I have installed FreeBSD 4.6.2 and the other is to experiments - boot rtems (from floppy). This second has no monitor and I think that I can use serial conection.

I need advice/pointer how to configure serial connection on FreeBSD side. I meant not hardware but how to setup FreeBSD and how can I see what is send from rtems via com1 to com on fReeBSD - any special settings in ttys, or somthing other?

sorry for such a basic question. but
I am new to rtems and not advanced in unixces. I cant find any info regarding to reading from serial port on FreeBSD.

Thanks in advance

Gregory Matus
mailto: gregmatu at

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