problems compiling latest snapshoot

Chris Johns cjohns at
Mon Oct 21 11:34:24 UTC 2002

Vladimir Nesic wrote:
> Sorry, here are lines from log:
> m68k-rtems-gcc --pipe -B../../../../lib/ -B../../../../gen68360/lib/
> -specs bsp_specs -qrtems         -qrtems_debug -Wno-unused  -g -Wall
> -mcpu32  -o o-debug/capture-cli.o -c
> ../../../../../../rtems-ss-20021007/c/src/libmisc/capture/capture-cli.c
> ../../../../../../rtems-ss-20021007/c/src/libmisc/capture/capture-cli.c:
> In function `rtems_capture_task_time':
> ../../../../../../rtems-ss-20021007/c/src/libmisc/capture/capture-cli.c:1404:
> Internal compiler error in instantiate_virtual_regs_1, at
> function.c:3972

The code uses "long long". Maybe something is broken in GCC on the m68k
with this code. I developed it using a Coldfire target on the older GCC.

Seems a shame to remove "long long" support from the capture engine to
work around this but it may be better to have time in ticks and
tick_offset. This is how the time is maintained internally to the
capture engine. I will have to look into this, how-ever I do not think I
will have a solution quickly.

 Chris Johns, cjohns at

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