Does RTEMS support ARM series microprocessor ?

howard howard at
Wed Oct 23 06:52:58 UTC 2002

Thank you very much !
I've found "RTEMS ARM Application Supplement"(arm.pdf) in
but I didn't find the source code (c language) for ARM.
Where I can get the BSP for ARM.
If it could be , BSP for SAMSUNG ARM is better.
Anyway , thanks a lot for your help !!!

Have a nice day ~
Best Regards !

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> howard wrote:
> Hi..
>     I am new to RTEMS.
>     I have a question . Does RTEMS support ARM series microprocessor ?

Yes in post 4.5 snapshots.

>     If not , how should I do ? porting it by myself ?
>     Have anyone been ported it to ARM series microprocessor before ?

Take a peek at the stuff in
which has the current RTEMS version along with prebuild arm-rtems
tool RPMs.

>     Please help me.
>     Any suggestions will be appreciated !
>     Thanks a lot !
>     Have a nice day~
>             Howard.

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