removing taskvares (was Re: rtems_filesystem_current issues)

Chris Johns cjohns at
Sun Oct 27 00:32:04 UTC 2002

Till Straumann wrote:
> Absolutely - one obvious solution would be attaching something like
> struct reent_rtems {
>     struct _reent _reent;
>     /* could have some padding here *7
>     struct userenv uenv;
> }
> to the _REENT pointer.

I sort of agree. The introduction of a rtems_reent and a rtems_REENT
variable was something I was also considering. We need to keep the code
in the context switcher for the _REENT (_Thread_Set_libc_reent), and add
new code for rtems_REENT (_Thread_Set_rtems_reent). I do not think you
can change the meaning of _REENT without newlib being effected.

It maybe a good time to look at the other uses of taskvars and remove
them. The C++ wrappers, shell, and RPC code.

 Chris Johns, cjohns at

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