How to make pipe on RTEMS?

Vladimir Nesic vnesic at
Fri Sep 20 17:23:26 UTC 2002

On Friday 20 September 2002 18:18, Eric Norum wrote:
> Why would you want more than one thread reading from a socket or
> pipe? How could you control which thread got which data?

Well, the only reason to that is because I didn't know how to connect 
them without assinging them to ports, and comunication is 
unidirectional so it wouldnt be a problem for now. When I get anything 
working, I'll have time to go back and fix it. 

> To create multiple pipes you just need to choose a unique sin_port
> each time you bind the socket to an address since a TCP/IP stream is
> defined by four values (source IP host number, source port,
> destination IP host number, destination port).
> I've attached the little test program I wrote to verify the network
> stack code without using a network interface.  Perhaps it may be of
> some help to you.

Thanks a lot, it looks like test I was about to write, so I guess it'll 
be usful. I'll send feedback on monday.


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