Charles Steaderman charlies at poliac.com
Wed Sep 25 13:30:57 UTC 2002

I have RTEMS up and running on a Cirrus Logic EP7312 (ARM720). Another 
individual was working on getting my changes merged into a package 
suitable to be included as a BSP, but I am not sure if it is in the 
latest snapshots or available just as patches. The port that I performed 
does nothing with the MMU as I have a boot monitor loading before RTEMS 
which takes care of setting up most of the chip related items.

- Charlie

Sachin K wrote:

>does RTEMS has support for ARM7DMI (with MMU) ?? if so where can i find it ?
>has anyone worked on this erlier?
>Dexcel Electronics Designs (P) Ltd., Bangalore, India

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