DOSFS and Smartmedia

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Wed Apr 9 18:59:19 UTC 2003


I'm not sure technical details about SmartMedia interface. As I know,
CompactFlash cards has IDE emulation mode, therefore ata driver may
be used for it; you need to implement board-specific libchip driver only.

If SmartMedia supports no IDE emulation, you have to implement
the block device driver. You may look cpukit/libblock/src/ramdisk.c
and cpukit/libblock/include/ramdisk.h as very simple example of
disk device driver.

Basically, block device driver should provide initialization and ioctl
function. Minimally,  BLKIO_REQUEST ioctl command should
be implemented.

Look for request structure description in


Brett Swimley wrote:

>Hello all,
>This may have gone out already, but I think I was having some mail problems.
>I'm tasked with interfacing to a Smartmedia FLASH card and need to write a
>driver to communicate with the Smartmedia card.
>I'm just now beginning to look at the literature and it appears that the
>recommeded file format for Smartmedia is the DOS FAT format.
>Does anyone have any notion as to whether the DOSFS implementation would be a
>starting point for the correct interface to the SmartMedia? If so, then would
>the best bet be to have the SmartMedia device driver look like a block device,
>or would it be best to emulate some other interface such as IDE or ATA?
>Any information or suggestions would be of great help!
>Brett Swimley

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