Multiprocessing bootup sequence for BSP

John Phillips john_w_phillips at
Wed Apr 9 22:29:52 UTC 2003

  I'm trying to put together a BSP for a cpu which has many MIPS cores 
connected via a fully coherent memory system, and I guess I'm fishing for 
ideas about how to structure my memory map and bootup sequence.  The problem 
is that, with one RTEMS memory image, the processors executing the code will 
overwrite each other's bss sections, etc.  However, having a single RTEMS 
image for each processor seems wasteful, as the cpus could and should share 
one text section.  Also, at bootup I'd certainly like to have only one copy 
of the RTEMS image in ROM, from which I'd like to derive all of the images 
which all of the cpus use.  Any suggestions?


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