RTEMS test failures

Kenneth Peters Kenneth.J.Peters at jpl.nasa.gov
Fri Apr 11 17:14:10 UTC 2003

I am running RTEMS 4.5.0 built for Sparc ERC32, both on Jiri Gaisler's 
instruction set simulator and on custom hardware with a very slightly 
tweaked bsp. The distributed tests sp26 and tm27 do not complete execution 
on either platform. I suspect the sp26 failure would also happen on other CPUs.

Test sp26 attempts to create tasks with four times the minimum stack, but 
system.h does not provide extra task stack space, so rtems_task_create() 
does not succeed. This I can fix easily enough, but I'd like an "official" 
patch so I don't have to explain to management how I tweaked the RTEMS 
verification suite.

Test tm27 is more complicated and uses internal RTEMS variables, so I 
haven't fully tracked down the problem and hope an RTEMS expert can. The 
test prints out the two "returns to interrupted task" messages, but then 
hangs, seemingly waiting for the interrupt to occur. Looks likely to be 
related to things in the specific bsp (MUST_WAIT_FOR_INTERRUPT, 

Ken Peters
Ken.Peters at jpl.nasa.gov

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