Problems with MIPS BSP

Ivica Mikec mikeci at
Thu Apr 24 04:46:57 UTC 2003


I have several problems with MIPS BSP P4600. It build fails in the link 
phase complaining on conflict using mips1 and mips3. I guess that libc was 
compiled with mips1, and P4600 is compiled with mips3. Do I need mips64 
libraries for this BSP? Second problem is with automake and autoconf under 
cygwin. I am unable to call these routines, because perl complains that it 
can't find that script. Interesting enough if you go to the directory where 
this script is located you can execute it. And third problem is that ld 
core dumps when linking mongoose BSP, and this happens only on Linux. RTEMS 
version is 4.6.0pre3. with latest gcc and binutils.


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