closed PR summary report format

Joel Sherrill joel.sherrill at
Thu Apr 24 19:41:35 UTC 2003


This is a first attempt at producing a report on the PRs closed
from one release to the next.  I want to start producing one 
of these for every tarball cut. This is the report for PRs
closed between 4.6.0pre1 and 4.6.0pre2.  

How does it look?  Comments appreciated.

 338/rtems        - rtems_io_lookup_name is not re-enterant
 348/bsps         - MTX603e BSP missing libcpu support for CPU model
 349/bsps         - PowerPC BSP and Libcpu Fixes
 351/networking   - fix bootp leak
 352/rtems_misc   - add FP attribute to main shell task
 353/bsps         - pc386 BSP -- allow override of network device name
 354/networking   - libchip- Intel EEPRO autodetect more
 356/bsps         - make rtems + powerpc/shared BSP [more] sysv/eabi
 357/rtems_misc   - Single line patch to rtems_termios_open() in
 360/bsps         - incorrect IRQ priority settings in powerpc/shared
 367/filesystem   - correct various bugs in FAT Filesystem
 368/filesystem   - IDE driver support for pc386 and mbx8xx added
 374/networking   - PR270 patch wrong and malloc message suppression
 378/bsps         - powerpc gen405 bsp_specs
 379/bsps         - nameclash fix: powerpc-shared BSP should use
cpukit/printk not its own
 380/rtems_misc   - vmeUniverse driver update
 381/rtems        - libc_start_hook corrupt initial thread stack
registers with recent gcc/newlib
 383/bsps         - powerpc: BSP_spuriousIntr
 385/filesystem   - pointers are not moved in ramdisk driver
 387/rtems_misc   - libchip/ide messed up
 388/networking   - snprintf vs. cpukit/libnetworking
 389/rtems        - Doubts on cpukit/libcsupport/src/no_posix.c

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