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Mon Apr 28 14:13:34 UTC 2003


we are struggling with the termios system in the moment and we need the 
help of the community.
either there is a missunderstanding of cannonical processing by us or a 
real bug in the termio system.
the function fillBufferQuue() is responsible to transfer from raw input 
buffer into cooked buffer and all the control character processing is 
handled by iproc(). when iproc() signals a completed line by returning a 
one, fillBufferQueue does not return to the caller with this line in the 
cooked buffer, but remains in its loop and appends all further 
characters (after cannonical processing) to the cooked buffer. IMHO 
fillBufferQueue should return immediately after an NL, EOF, EOL or EOL2 
was added to cooked buffer.

this behaviour could be accomplished by adding a break instruction after 
the wait = 0; instruction after calling siproc() in cannonical processing.

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