PowerPC: *printf in non-float-tasks

gregory.menke at gsfc.nasa.gov gregory.menke at gsfc.nasa.gov
Wed Apr 2 16:35:09 UTC 2003

I did an equally nasty hack to fix it too- and I also wish Newlib
would get the modification.  It looks like changing around how the
local variables work would be enough.  Is there a way to get a
suitable patch back into it?


Kulpinski, Jay writes:
 > On Friday 28 March 2003 03:59 am, Sergei Organov wrote:
 > >
 > > Joel,
 > >
 > > AFAIR, there was a patch for newlib's vfprintf to don't use floating point
 > > when no floating-point arguments are passed. Hasn't it been incorporated
 > > into the newlib sources? If not then the OP may wish to apply the patch to
 > > his newlib.
 > I had this problem a _long_ time ago.  At the time, this patch worked.
 > It's a bit of an ugly hack, but it was the simplest fix at the time.
 > The code was pretty convoluted, so making a more local declaration 
 > wasn't practical.  I don't know how well it applies against a newer newlib.

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