(Fwd) Re: DOSFS bug fixes, IDE drivers and sample released

Angelo Fraietta angelo_f at bigpond.com
Wed Apr 16 22:00:48 UTC 2003

Joel Sherrill wrote:

>"Eugeny S. Mints" wrote:
>>On Wed, 16 Apr 2003, Joel Sherrill wrote:
>>>Chris Caudle wrote:
>>>>>I have found that listing the directory after closing the file
>>>>>seems to do the trick. It must purge the buffers to the disk.
>>>>I haven't looked at the DOSFS code yet, does it have a sync() or fsync() function?
>>>>If the file system keeps the allocation table cached in memory, you may need to flush the allocation table to the storage device, especially if you are shutting down power on the RTEMS system and moving the storage device to a different machine (or just re-booting into Windows, Linux, MacOS etc. on the same machine).
>>>Or at least a flush() on the file itself?
>>Sorry, that I was silent for a long time but I was away from
>>my  mail box.
>>As to sync/fsync/flush - sync call is implemented in DOSFS.
>>I suppose that Angelo needs UNmount the volume to achieve
>>his  goals. During 'unmount' a volume is automatically
>I understand that it has to sync when unmounting but shouldn't 
>sync work even with it staying mounted?  I think the issue here
>was simply that he was surprised it wasn't written until he closed.
>[NOTE: This is standard behavior for many systems so is not unexpected.]
>So the question is.. if I have an open file and want to ensure its
>contents are written to disk, is it sufficient to sync() or should
>it flush() and sync() and what?  I think unmounting is a bit too
>heavy handed because it potentially impacts other tasks.

To get it to work, I do a listing of the directory. Everything is in sync aftyer I do this.

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