DOSFS bug fixes, IDE drivers and sample released

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Fri Apr 18 14:37:52 UTC 2003

Quoting Angelo Fraietta <angelo_f at>:

> >Since no one else has offered any...
> >Requiring explicit synchronization is fairly standard behavior, I see no
> >reason to modify close().  I think some people get caught off guard
> >because Microsoft DOS did not seem to have a filesystem cache, and even
> >today Windows operating systems seem to always flush operations to floppy
> >disks.  Of course if you power down a machine immediately after a write()
> >call you will often see disk corruption, so either part of the Microsoft
> >filesystem layer or the Microsoft applications treat floppy disks
> >differently than non-removeable disks.  Anyone used to working on POSIX
> >style operating systems is of course accustomed to mounting and unmounting
> >disks, so I don't think it will be a surprise.

I haven't found an explicit sync() function in RTEMS. Would it be reasonable to
add this function to periodically allow a task (perhaps the idle task) to
perform     file system synchronization?

> Is there an unmount? I think I asked about this and was told there was
> not an unmount.

There is an unmount.  I _believe_ that it does flush the cache.  I'll be
performing some tests with this shortly

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