pc386dx exception 6 was Re: 4.6.0pre2 and docs released

Angelo Fraietta angelo_f at bigpond.com
Tue Apr 22 22:44:41 UTC 2003

Chris Caudle wrote:

>Angelo Fraietta wrote:
>>I am running the pc386dx BSP.
>Joel replied:
>>generates an instruction that is not valid for 
>>an i386DX.  It is also possible that your CPU model 
>>is just enough not an i386dx where something
>>has finally shown up.
>Confusingly, I believe the pc386dx BSP is actually for an i386SX processor.
>The DX processors include a FP coprocessor, the SX processors do not include a floating point unit.  The pc386dx BSP really means software simulation of a DX processor, i.e. software floating point libraries.
No, that is not correct. Although my target is actually an sx processor, 
I have a dx computer without a co-processor. This is how we found the 
co-processor fault back in Feb 2001

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