4.6.0pre2 and docs released

Till Straumann strauman at SLAC.Stanford.EDU
Wed Apr 23 01:48:38 UTC 2003

Joel Sherrill wrote:
> Hi,
> RTEMS 4.6.0pre2 is now available at:
> ftp://ftp.oarcorp.com/pub/rtems/cd-working


I have quite successfully built 4.6.0pre2 with gcc-3.2.2 for 
powerpc-rtems-mvme23xx, powerpc-rtems-svgm, i386-rtems-pc586.

A few things:

- the 'version.m4' files are not updated to 'pre2' (PR#392)

- if #377 is not merged, one hunk should still be applied (PR#393)

- PR#350 makes all 'make/custom/<bsp>.cfg' files consistenly
   include 'default.cfg' after defining RTEMS_CPU & friends
   (so these variables can be used in subsequent 'include()'

- libnetapps still defines global symbols which

     a) clash against newlib (e.g. drand48, srand48)
     b) clash against libnetapps itself, e.g. there are
        multiple definitions of 'get_pty' within libnetapps.
     c) just don't belong into a system library every
        application is linked with, e.g.: 'error', 'debug',

    NOTE: a second patch in PR#350 also unbundles libnetapps
          from librtemsbsp so not everybody is forced to link
          against it.


Again a few goodies of global symbols defined by libnetapps
(list not complete):

a) drand48 mrand48 srand48

b) get_pty

c) error debug user modem magic temp2 ptys tp die
    output hostname linep lock line dirname trace

    webs passwd demand initializer netmask chap
    crtscts devnam getword holdoff inspeed ipparam
    kdebugflag linkname lockflag maxconnect maxfail
    nodetach notty persist updetach welcomer wait_input
    baud_rate callback_script detached devstat upap
    do_callback hungup ifname novm prepass privileged
    protocols ttyfd unsuccess untimeout sys_init
    get_pty read_packet setdtr sys_cleanup sys_close
    log_packet print_string relock slprintf unlock
    vslprintf balloc bclose bfree bfreeSafe bopen
    brealloc bstats bstrdup dbClose dbLoad dbOpen
    dbSave dbZero hAlloc hFree ascToUni gstrtoi hextoi
    uniToAsc socketClose socketOpen usehostname
    check_passwd cryptpap get_secret remote_name

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