pc386dx exception 6 was Re: 4.6.0pre2 and docs released

Angelo Fraietta angelo_f at bigpond.com
Thu Apr 24 04:54:25 UTC 2003

Angelo Fraietta wrote:

> Angelo Fraietta wrote:
>>>>I am not actually using anything in the application. I included the
>>>>iostream header but didi not use anything to make it fail. If I remove
>>>>the include directive, the app runs and is reduced by about 1050K.
>>>I suspect it is just calling some constructor.  It doesn't surprise me
>>>that the applciation shrinks.
>If it worth anything, I tried the follwing.
>I rebuilt the toolset using gcc3.2.2 and Newlib 1.10 with an identical result
>I then rebuilt the toolset using gcc3.2 and Newlib 1.11
>With the iostream directive I got the following message
>RTEMS: rtems_gxx_mutex_init
>RTEMS: fatal error, exiting
>Without the iostream include it works fine
I just did some more tests. The error that caused the rtems_gxx_mutex_init failure did not run on on the pentium machine.

I attmpted to do the same test with gcc3.2 and newlib 1.10 (which is working for my application) and I got the same result (rtems_gxx_mutex_init).

If, however, I perform a test using one of my own applications (where I originally found the fault), if I include iostream I get the exception 6. My real application, however, does not include iostream anywhere in it and subsequently runs fine. 

If I use gcc3.2 with newlib 1.11, my application runs (however, I never include iostream anywhere)

If I use gcc3.2.2 with newlib 1.11, the application bloats from 462K to 621K and crashes with the exception 6. There is no change in my source whatsoever

I think that there may be two problems here. 

If you want me to run any more tests or sequences, let me know.
Angelo Fraietta

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