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Angelo Fraietta angelo_f at bigpond.com
Mon Apr 28 02:21:33 UTC 2003

Steven Johnson wrote:

> Angelo,
> You put it in your make file. If you link your final app with GCC, you 
> need to pass  -Wl,'--gc-sections' to g++.
> It also doesn't do anything unless you link with -static. (Which I 
> would guess you would be doing anyway for a final link.)
> You will also need to put KEEP() around your .init section. (As well 
> as others potentially)
> You put this in your link script for your program.
> Steven
My makefile looks like this

#  $Id: Makefile,v 1.18 2003/04/28 01:54:09 angelofraietta Exp $
# Templates/Makefile.leaf
#     Template leaf node Makefile

# C source names, if any, go here -- minus the .c
C_PIECES=diags fsmount

# C++ source names, if any, go here -- minus the .cc
CC_PIECES=rtems_init \
  midioutput \
  scheduler \
    rtems_simulator \



# Assembly source names, if any, go here -- minus the .S


PGMS=${ARCH}/$(EXEC) #${ARCH}/xxx-another-one

# List of RTEMS managers to be included in the application goes here.
# Use:
#     MANAGERS=all
# to include all RTEMS managers in the application.
MANAGERS=io event message rate_monotonic semaphore timer

include $(RTEMS_MAKEFILE_PATH)/Makefile.inc

include $(RTEMS_CUSTOM)
include $(RTEMS_ROOT)/make/leaf.cfg

# (OPTIONAL) Add local stuff here using +=

CPPFLAGS += -I ../../../estl
CPPFLAGS += -I ../engine
CPPFLAGS += -I ../engineinterface
CPPFLAGS += -I ../hal_include
CPPFLAGS += -I ../link_driver
CPPFLAGS += -I ../../../threads/source
CPPFLAGS += -I ../../../mididriver
CPPFLAGS += -I ../../../mididriver/hal_rtems


# CFLAGS_DEBUG_V are used when the `make debug' target is built.
# To link your application with the non-optimized RTEMS routines,
# uncomment the following line:
# CFLAGS_DEBUG_V += -qrtems_debug

LD_PATHS  +=  #xxx-your-EXTRA-library-paths-go-here, if any

LD_LIBS   +=  ../engine/$(ARCH)/sm_engine.a 
LD_LIBS   +=  ../engineinterface/$(ARCH)/sm_engineinterface.a 
LD_LIBS   +=  ../engine/$(ARCH)/sm_engine.a 
LD_LIBS   +=  ../link_driver/$(ARCH)/sm_link_driver.a 
LD_LIBS   +=  ../link_driver/hal_rtems/$(ARCH)/sm_comm.a 
LD_LIBS   +=  ../../../threads/source/$(ARCH)/sm_rtems_active.a 
LD_LIBS   +=  ../../../threads/source/hal_rtems/$(ARCH)/sm_rtems_thread.a 
LD_LIBS   +=  ../../../mididriver/hal_rtems/$(ARCH)/rtems_midi.a


# Add your list of files to delete here.  The config files
#  already know how to delete some stuff, so you may want
#  to just run 'make clean' first to see what gets missed.
#  'make clobber' already includes 'make clean'


all:    ${ARCH} $(SRCS) $(PGMS)


# Install the program(s), appending _g or _p as appropriate.
# for include files, just use $(INSTALL_CHANGE)
install:  all

What ammendments would you make to remove all unnecessary code during 
the link.

> Angelo Fraietta wrote:
>> Steven Johnson wrote:
>>> To remove anything that is not used, you need to pass --gc-sections 
>>> to linker.  See ld manual for details.  I don't think it removes 
>>> absolutely everything that isn't used, but it removes a lot.  Also 
>>> look up KEEP directive for linker script as you may need this for 
>>> .init section.
>> Is this something that I can do from my Makefile or is it something 
>> that needs to be done from within the BSP files.

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