Comments/experiences sought on RTEMS4.6.0pre2 with MPC860

Erwin Rol erwin at
Tue Apr 29 21:28:27 UTC 2003

On Tue, 2003-04-29 at 07:58, Brian Danilko wrote:
> Hi,
> We've been attempting to get rtems running on an MPC860 platform.
> Unfortuantely we've been unable to progress very far.
> The hardware has 2MBytes of FLASH and 8MBytes SDRAM. SMC channels 1 & 2
> are available for serial I/O, but the SCC's are not used (for any
> purpose). The micro ('P' version) has an FEC which is connected to a PHY
> for ethernet, although we haven't tried to make use of it thus far. A
> number of the port C pins are outputs (through buffers) that drive LEDs.

I have a almost similar board also a MPC860T, and one of the later
snapshots works fine.

> Our goal at this time is to simply have rtems functioning at a level
> with a thread running having demonstrable control of the LEDs. We can
> connect printk to a polled serial driver on SMC1 that we have developed
> ourselves.

I have the console on SCC4 but that shoudl work the same. I had a
problem with the TERMIO stuff because it hardwires the speed at 9600 and
my bootloader set it to 115000. The examples don't reset this and so it
switches speed which my terminal program does like. I "fixed" this in n
the source to set the termio speed to a different default. I also mailed
a question about it but never got a answer.

> The problem:
> We can trace execution through the rtems code up to the  call to
> rtems_initialize_executive_late(); then nothing.

Where does it halt? look with a debugger, it is likely that it hangs in
the fatal error handler. several things that like to go wrong are MMU
pages layout, SDRAM timing, and passing some weird bootblock info. Try
to step trough the sources with a debugger and see where it goes wrong
cause "than nothing" is not a real technical description :-) is "than
nothing" a endless loop or simply no terminal output, or a exception

- Erwin

> cheers
> Jonathan Pratt
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