Configure flags no longer working.

Steven Johnson sjohnson at
Wed Apr 30 06:32:53 UTC 2003


I Don't see how this lets me set the compiler options for the RTEMS 
Build to what I want.

Is there anything I can read about multilib in rtems?

Ideally I'd prefer not only no bsp, but no cpu stuff. I use a modified 
mpc8xx CPU, that I have to patch into the code.  What I would really 
prefer is just an RTEMS that doesn't have any of the stuff from libcpu 
built, as I want this to be part of my application.

Can the multilib stuff let me do that?  If so how?

(Actually I fail to see a stark difference between a bsp and the stuff 
in libcpu.)


Chris Johns wrote:
> Steven Johnson wrote:
>> I am having problems configuring Pre2.
>> --enable-bare-cpu-cflags does not work anymore.
>> There is no explicable reason why.  This fatally kills my build, as I 
>> need to force -msoft-float, but it doesn't happen.  So my program gets 
>> filled with floating point, and I don't have a floating point unit.
>> Does anyone know what happened to --enable-bare-cpu-cflags  ??
>> I can't see any changelog entry for it.
>> How do I fix this?
> This is not a fix but it may help:
> Does the --enable-multilib option work ?
> If it does try building with:
>  $ gmake RTEMS_BSP="" all install
> This does not build any of the BSPs for your target type. Multilib will 
> perform an equivilant function but do a better job than the bare-bsp. A 
> side effect is ending up with no bsp.h file.

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