Termios Usage ??

Cedric Aubert cedric_aubert at yahoo.fr
Tue Aug 5 07:36:33 UTC 2003


I try to port my board (mc68000) to RTEMS. I am based
on the efi68k to start my BSP. I have found that we
implement console driver with tree solution.

- code all my driver (console_write etc etc....)
- use termios structure with current libchip available
  with this solution, I should had only to put a  
  console_tlb to configure my driver.
- use termios structure with custom driver and    
  implement my driver.

I need a 68681 driver (Cool it's available in the 
libchip). But I found that I can put my IRQ number at
last parameter of the console_tlb sctruture but I
found where I can put my vector of my IRQ. (I am not

Where is it ? Do I have some mistake in my little
knownledge ?

Thanks a lot

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