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Joel Sherrill <> joel.sherrill at
Fri Aug 8 22:34:04 UTC 2003


We think we have completed the transition to the new RTEMS server.
At this point, the website and all services appear to be up and
OK.  I think the biggest changes that could impact everyone are:

 + rtems-users is now at NOT
   Mail sent to rtems-users AT will be manually
   dealt with until the transition is complete.

 + The following other services are now at NOT

    - http
    - cvs pserver
    - CVSweb, ViewCVS, and CVSGraph
    - ftp
    - GNATS

 + There is a new Download Helper which should ease downloading
   RTEMS and toolsets (

 + The database for the new website search engine (htdig) 
  is being rebuilt now.

 + The website source is under CVS and anyone can submit 
   patches for improvements.

Please feel free to ping myself and Jeff Mayes (mayes AT if you spot anything that needs to be fixed.
Splitting and caused many links to
break so there are almost certainly more out there.

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