gnat 3.15p status?

Per Dalgas Jakobsen rtems at
Sat Aug 9 09:41:23 UTC 2003

I cannot search on the mailinglists currently. And I didn't find anything on
topics on Google.
The search-button still point to oarcorp (guess it is being fixed).

I'm new to both Ada and RTEMS.
I have succeeded in building a toolchain for Cygwin host to RTEMS-i386
target with Ada support in GCC-3.2.3
(I even made a build-howto).

But now I have talked with a guy that has the following to say about Ada
support in GCC-3.2.3:
"It is buggy and crippled".
There is no way that I will try to learn Ada with a crippled and buggy
compiler ;-)

So my next task now, is to build RTEMS with Gnat support :-)
The latest gnat version I found on is 3.13p. I tried to patch
the gnat-3.15p source with 3.13p-rtems-patch, which succeeded, leave out a
single easy manual resolve, and a couple of patch offset-warnings. However I
haven't tried to compile it yet, and am a bit reluctant to do so, since I
want a solid compiler.
Should I go for:
1) gnat-3.13p?
2) the 3.13p patch on gnat.3.15p?
3) gnat-3.15p (for which I cannot find a rtems-patch)?

Obviously 1 is the safe bet. But 3 will be nice :-)
Comments are greatly appreciated - I need to learn :-)

Best regards

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