I386ex board RESET

Aditya avpenu at essex.ac.uk
Wed Aug 27 16:13:01 UTC 2003

According to the hello.exe file generated in HEX as part of the i386ex

These are the last 3 lines of the hex file


According to 386ex documentation:

 The memory-addressable flash boot device resides in the last 512 KB of
physical address space at addresses 3F80000H through 3FFFFFFH. At power
up or after you press the Reset switch, the
processor jumps to a reset vector at address 03FFFFF0H within the boot
block.(Which is OK after Seeing the SECOND line)

Code at this address causes the processor to perform a near jump to code
within the 16 Kbyte boot
block; this code performs a rudimentary hardware initialization and a
checksum test of the system
and video BIOS areas, and the ROM/BIOS extension area (where is this in
the hex file?)

And also, My programmer which is WinLV --> www.icetech.com/download.htm
loads the HEX file from 03f80000 to 03ffffff but it should actually load
from 0X0 (:0200000403F8FF this is my first line in the hex file which
should be I think :020000040000FF)

My board does not produce the hello welcome messages. I only have one
COM port on the board and I have set the com port to COM1 in console.h.

I have DRAM from 0x00000000 to 0x003fffff

And FLASH from 0x03f80000 to 03ffffff

I'm not able to understand that if these are the default settings why
the board does not print anything to the COM port?


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