Aditya avpenu at
Sun Aug 31 22:07:28 UTC 2003

Dear RTEMS - Users

I have a 386ex board with 512k Flash and 2mb RAM on it.

The details are 

DRAM  Memory from	00000000 to	003FFFFF
EPROM/FLASH	 from	03F80000 to	03FFFFFF

I also have a single serial port on it with the following details

-> Processor pin - Processor Function - Port Pin -	Serial Function
	129	RXD0	P2.5	Receive data (input)
	131	TXD0	P2.6	Transmit data (output)
	132	CTS0	P2.7	CTS (input)
	101	DCD0	P1.0	DCD (input)
	102	RTS0	P1.1	RTS (output)
	104	DTR0	P1.2	DTR (output)
	105	DSR0	P1.3	DSR (input)
	106	RI0	P1.4	RI (input)

-> Serial Port Connector Pin Out (P3)

Pin	Function	Direction
1	DCD		I
2	RxData	I
3	TxData	O
4	DTR1		O
5	GND		-
6	DSR1		I
7	RTS		O
8	CTS		I
9	RI		I

I load the hello.exe on the flash and power the board, but my serial
port does not print any messages. It uses the embedded 386ex UART. May I
know what are the changes/additions I need to do for my board to print
messages on the rs232 port with the hello.exe sample program. I need to
demonstrate working of RTEMS on this board in 3 days.

Your kind help would be greatly appreciated.


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