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Angelo Fraietta angelo_f at bigpond.com
Sun Aug 10 22:31:40 UTC 2003

Cool. I'll update by EndNote bibliography URL.
I have had a look at the mailing list archives. Will there be a 
non-searchable method to access the archives that can be viewed by 
thread or data like.
The URL references I have, e.g.
Are no longer valid (I have copies of the actual messages), but I would 
like to get them right before I submit my thesis.

Also. I have had a few more papers published referencing RTEMS (all very 
positively of course) since the one in 2001 so I'll get the details to you.

Joel Sherrill wrote:

> Angelo Fraietta wrote:
>> Just testing
> Works.  What do you think of the new site?
> I know there is still more to be done but am pretty happy with where
> we are and can't wait to get more patches/suggestions on the website
> from the community.
> --joel

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