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Joel Sherrill wrote:

>> Also. I have had a few more papers published referencing RTEMS (all 
>> very positively of course) since the one in 2001 so I'll get the 
>> details to you.
> Please do.  Or just submit a patch to the papers/references page.

I couldn't see how to submit a patch for this.

Here are the papers that reference RTEMs directly

Fraietta, Angelo. "Smart Controller -- Artist Talk." Paper presented at 
Form, space, time: the Australasian Computer Music Conference, Royal 
Melbourne Institute of Technology 2002. 

Next paper has been accepted for publication
Fraietta, Angelo. "The Smart Controller - Shifting Performance 
Boundaries." Paper presented at boundryless music: the International 
Computer Music Conference, National University of Singapore, 29 
September - 4 October 2003 2003.

Fraietta, Angelo. "The Smart Controller." Sounds Unlimited: building the 
instruments: Sounds Australian -- Journal of the Australian Music 
Centre, no. 62 (2003): 22. <http://www.amcoz.com.au/sa-62.htm>.

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