Why do I need dmv177 BSP?

Joel Sherrill joel.sherrill at OARcorp.com
Wed Aug 20 11:45:53 UTC 2003

Leon Pollak wrote:

>	I downloaded everything last and tried to compile RTEMS for my new BSP. 
>	I deleted unnecessary (from my point of view) BSPs and left 3 I really need - 
>this speeds up bootstrap running. 
If you are really editing Makefile.am's or configure.ac files, then you 
can run bootstrap from any
subdirectory with a configure.ac and get just from there down.  Editting 
the aclocal files does require
a full bootstrap.

I assume you know to configure with --enable-rtemsbsp=XXX to just get 
the BSPs you want.

>	Configuring passed OK, but "make" stopped and said that there is no dmv177 
>BSP, which I really deleted.
>	Now, in configure.ac in ..libbsp/powerpc I see:
>	I know almost nothing about automake/autoconf. I can restore this directory 
>back, but is it really forbidden to delete it?

If you really want to delete the BSPs, you will have to remove their 
directories, the entries in
that configure.ac and run bootstrap from the appropriate libbsp/CPU 

>	Thanks for reply.
>leonp at plris dot com

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