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Much solid work has already been done for ARM by OAR (Joel?) and
by Jay Monkman.  The architecture work should be nearly 100%
the same as the MMU and cache models are identical.  Obviously
there will be peripheral differences, but you can look at our boot
monitor (umon) source code for init and simple polled drivers for the
PXA255, serial, LCD and SDRAM.  The link to the umon source is
on our web site (  We are planning an RTEMS port
to our CSB352 PXA255 board, but it wouldn't ready be until Oct. or Nov.


At 03:54 PM 8/20/2003, Brett Swimley wrote:
>Hi all,
>We're looking at several flavors of Intel X scale processors for possible use in upcoming projects and I'm just starting to familiarize myself with them. Do these processors have support and/or BSP's developed for RTEMS?
>I haven't done much research yet, but I get the indication that these are ARM processors....
>Brett Swimley

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