i386ex Board - Beginner Help Request

Aditya avpenu at essex.ac.uk
Thu Aug 21 12:35:11 UTC 2003

Dear RTEMS Users,
Sorry for troubling you again,

The following is a memory map for my i386ex based board...It uses an AMD
AM29F040B(512 K) flash memory device.

				-Range-		-Comment-
			<Start>	<End>

DRAM 			00000000	003fffff	4Mb max.

CAN Controller	000e0000	000e007f	SJA1000 8 bit access
\\ Not Required

LEDs + EEPROM	000e0080	000e00ff	R/W Latch 8 bit access	

EthernetInterface	340		35f		AM79C961A 16 bit

Ethernet RAM	000c0000	000dffff	16 bit access

EPROM/FLASH		03f80000	03ffffff	8 bit access

I'm giving these details as I need to know is it possible to reflect
some of these conditions in the RTEMS code. If yes where are the changes
need to be done. and if I need to load the application into RAM to
execute it, will I need a separate program(loader) or would the BSP take
care of it? 

Is it enough to run the sample applications on the board directly by
loading them on flash? OR Is it required to load the OS on the flash and
then load the application on top of it for the sample applications like
hello.exe to run?

I think that the Hello.exe (and other samples also) includes the RTEMS
kernel and other BSP startup code. Please correct me If im wrong...

I basically need to boot this specific board and I should be able to
talk to it using Ethernet.Is anyone working on CAN for RTEMS?


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