question about test appliction sp02

Harris, Andrew Andrew.Harris at
Mon Aug 25 22:22:29 UTC 2003

Hi Joel,

	Thanks for the info.  I *did* pass the --enable-rdbg option when I
configured RTEMS...  Also I didn't specifically disable networking, and I
think that spawns at least one task...


> > 	Does anyone think it could be something that I've not 
> done in the
> > BSP related code that is causing some strange error?  (I 
> tried running the
> > cdtest.exe file and it crashed when trying to boot, after 
> loading with an
> > INVALID INSTRUCTION error.  I'm wondering if this is all 
> related to the
> > BSP.)
> Is the BSP creating any other tasks?  The tests only configure the
> minimum resources they require.
> It is possible that it is a driver somewhere that is
> allocating a task and it is not accounted for.

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