network demo error

Jerry Needell jerry.needell at
Tue Dec 9 19:40:26 UTC 2003

I am trying to build some of the network demos for the 4.6.0pre5  
release and keep getting the error below.
This example is from the ttcp demo.

My BSP is leon1 ( non floatingpoint  sparc  leon)

I am also including my rtems config file.

Any suggestions as to what I am missing?

error message:

o-optimize/init.o: In function `Init':
undefined reference to `rtems_leon_open_eth_driver_attach'

rtems configuration:
  ../rtems-4.6.0pre5/configure  --target=sparc-rtems --disable-posix 
--disable-itron --enable-tcpip --enable-networking --disable-cxx 
--enable-tests --enable-rtemsbsp=leon1 

thanks - Jerry

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