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Joel Sherrill joel.sherrill at
Thu Dec 4 14:16:02 UTC 2003

Rosimildo da Silva wrote:
> gregory.menke at wrote:
>> Chris Sparks writes:
>> > Well I noticed that only the RTEMS part changed for pre5 and not the 
>> > tools so I installed
>> > the patch to pre4 to make pre5 and my building seems to be 
>> progressing > pretty nicely.
>> > > I am getting excited that I am getting closer to my goal of 
>> getting a > sample program to run.
>> > May not get to it until I get back from SIGAda conference this 
>> year.  Is > anyone going?  I'd
>> > like to swap RTEMS stories.
>> > > Has anyone done any graphics (VGA, SVGA, whatever) with RTEMS?  I 
>> need it.
>> Rosimildo Da Silva did a port of SVGAlib to RTEMS, but a quick check
>> of his project page shows its offline- at least from my workstation.
>> Joel might know where his page is, but I do have the tar.gz and diff
>> file if its not available elsewhere.  I was hoping to give a try at
>> porting it to PowerPC over the holidays, we have a cpci vga board
>> thats otherwise unused.  Its worth mentioning that it appears Mesa
>> OpenGL can use svgalib as a driver, so its not entirely impossible
>> that it could be ported to RTEMS too.  Interesting idea...
>> gregm
> I am still lurking around....
> Yes, my pages are down. I stopped paying the "ISP" earlier this year...
> I have a copy of the files somewhere, and if someone need it, I'll be 
> glad to provide a copy by e-mail.

Rosimildo .. would it be OK to just move the files/pages to

When the new website was put together I wanted a sublink for addons and
libraries, but didn't have the energy to do it.  The website is under
CVS and we can talk offline about getting the content and files right.
There is no reason it shouldn't be hosted at

> Rosimildo.

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