Coldfire debug

Paul Whitfield paulw at
Fri Dec 12 08:04:56 UTC 2003

silverio.di at wrote:

> Hi to all,
> this topic could be a little OT but I consider your great experience
> with GNU tools so I try to submit you that:
> I would debug a very little program in my Coldfire 5282 target,
> compiled with rtems m68k-rtems-gcc. What are the available ways to do that
> ?
> 1) exist a stub program to write in 5282 flash which permit debugging with
>     m68k-rtems-gdb debugger via serial cable ?

RTEMS 4.6.0 appears to have support for the gdb serial stub,
however I have not used it.

> 2) m68k-rtems-gdb support the coldfire BDM port ?


For a version of GDB with bdm support that will work
with RTEMS.



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