How to figure out the file descriptor inside a driver?

Carl-Johan Hansson cjhansson at
Mon Dec 15 16:33:13 UTC 2003

>Carl-Johan Hansson wrote:
>>>>I'm writing a couple of new drivers and in one of them I want to map the 
>>>>file descriptor that I receive when I open the driver with another 
>>>>parameter when I call ioctl(). Is there some way to figure out the file 
>>>>descriptor when I'm inside the driver routine?
>>>>Hope you understand the question!
>>>Do you mean file description in the integer sense (e.g. read()) or
>>>in the FILE * sense (e.g. fread())?
>>I mean in the integer number you receive when calling open() and not 
>>fopen(). I want to find that number in the arguments when calling (e.g 
>>read()) if possible.
>OK.  Each device driver entry point is called with an argument which
>ends up pointing to an rtems_libio* which includes an iop pointer.
>This "iop" pointer can be converted to an integer pointer using this
>code from cpukit/libcsupport/src/open.c
>   return iop - rtems_libio_iops;
>Honestly, there should be a macro in 
>which is the opposite of rtems_libio_iop() around line 48.  Something
>like this:
>#define rtems_libio_iop_to_descriptor(_iop) \
>   ((!(_iop)) ? -1 : (iop - rtems_libio_iops))
>If this works for you, file a PR in GNATS and it can be added.
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Works perfect!

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