RTEMS build problems

Paul Cadaret rtems at usd.com
Mon Dec 22 18:17:13 UTC 2003

Thank you for responding.  
You are right.  My old 300MHz Ultra-10 is not fast... but it is very 
You mentioned that Solaris 2.7 is likely to be broken.  
I may be able to setup a build environment on a solaris-9-sparc machine.
What are my chances getting the host-based version to build on a 
solaris-9-sparc machine?

BTW:  Just a note regarding my interest in RTEMS.  I am familiar with 
PSOS as I used it for a few
years many years ago.   I remember when Motorola put out the RTEID spec 
many years ago and I remembered
that RTEMS was based on that spec.  I always thought that PSOS was a 
very reasonable RTOS model and
I thought that I would see if  I could get RTEMS running on an old 
MVME162 I have.  Since that time I
have worked on alot of other rtos based products using other rtos 

 As a 1st step I thought that I would just try to build the host-based 
solaris version simply to provide a simple
compile-link-test environment to familiarize myself with the 
environment.   If any solaris host based
environment is likely to turn into a big science-project, let me know 
and I'll stop and just move on to
the m68k/mvme162 bsp environment.

Thanks again.

Ralf Corsepius wrote:

>On Mon, 2003-12-22 at 00:55, Paul Cadaret wrote:
>>The bootstrap process took a very long time to complete  -- seemed like
>>well over an hour.
>Yes, running bootstrap is slow. One hour however indicates you using a
>"not necessarily fast" machine.
>>I'm trying to build the 'host-based' version on Solaris 7 now with the
>>2.59 autoconf & 1.8 automake
>>in place.  I'm seeing the same error as I saw before.  Here's an extract:
>>     a - o-optimize/watchdogremove.o
>>     a - o-optimize/watchdogtickle.o
>>     a - o-optimize/wkspace.o
>>     ranlib o-optimize/libscore.a
>>     Making all in cpu
>>     Making all in unix
>>     gcc --pipe -DHAVE_CONFIG_H   -I../../../../../.././posix/lib/include
>>     -DCPU_SYNC_IO      -Dsolaris2  -O2 -g -Wall  -o o-optimize/cpu.o -c
>>     ../../../../../../../c/src/../../cpukit/score/cpu/unix/cpu.c
>>     ../../../../../../../c/src/../../cpukit/score/cpu/unix/cpu.c:62:
>>     `FD_SETSIZE' undeclared here (not in a function)
>>     ../../../../../../../c/src/../../cpukit/score/cpu/unix/cpu.c:64:
>>     parse error before `sync_io_readfds'
>>This error is caused by the fact that <sys/types.h> needs to see a
>>definition of '__EXTENTIONS__' which will
>>cause it to include <sys/select.h> where `FD_SETSIZE' lives.  However, I
>>am seeing a behavior I dont understand.
>>Here's an exerpt from the script I created to run 'configure' in the
>>'build' subdir I createed.
>>       ${SHELL}  ../configure                                \
>>             --prefix=$LOCAL                                 \
>>             --enable-rtemsbsp=""                            \
>>             CFLAGS_FOR_BUILD=-D__EXTENSIONS__               \
>>             CXXFLAGS_FOR_BUILD=-D__EXTENSIONS__             \
>>             #
>>I specified this definition for the top-level configure, but it doesn't
>>seem to be trickling down to the lower
>>level makefile in 
>-D__EXTENSIONS__ to CPU_CFLAGS in make/custom/Solaris-posix.cfg.
>>Am I correct in my understanding that I should be able to build a
>>'host-based' version on Solaris-7?
>Theoretically yes, but you won't get far .. 
>Building unix/posix for Solaris2.7 rsp. SunOS5.7 is known to be broken
>for quite a while and fixing it doesn't have a high priority.
>For lucky circumstances, building unix/posix under Linux is not
>affected, building under Cygwin is affected for some versions of Cygwin,
>but not all.

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