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Tue Dec 23 12:11:47 UTC 2003

> On Tuesday 23 December 2003 12:24, you wrote:
> > > 	Some time ago I ported one of my applications from RTEMS version 4.0.3
> > > (also ported to CodeWarrior in Windows) to RTEMS 4.6 (pre-last snapshot)
> > > in Linux. I used the basic configuration (without networking) with
> > > miniIMFS with RTEMS API and without any other options (I hope so). I want
> > > to remind, that 4.0.3 RTEMS version was a "pure" kernel version yet,
> > > without IMFS and Co. As the result, I can compare the size of working
> > > binary in this 2 cases (both without optimizations).
> > > 	The size of Windows/CodeWarrior version is 173KB. The size of GDB/Linux
> > > version is 349KB - twice bigger!!!

Early this year we have ported RTEMS (MPC860 target) to MetroWerks 
CodeWarrior for Windows. There was a significant difference in size too. 
The 2 main reasons are: 
* CodeWarrior uses *real* EABI, not just some #defines in the Makefiles  
* The Linker does a real good job of dead-stripping code  

And this had nothing to do with the C-Libraries, because we have used NewLib 
for our port. 

In case you are interested, we could go into more details. 

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