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Tue Dec 23 13:11:27 UTC 2003

> "Dieter Schaefer" <CW-RTEMS at> writes:
> >
> [...]
> > Early this year we have ported RTEMS (MPC860 target) to MetroWerks 
> > CodeWarrior for Windows. There was a significant difference in size too. 
> > The 2 main reasons are: 
> > * CodeWarrior uses *real* EABI, not just some #defines in the Makefiles
> Though I don't know what you mean by "some #defines in the Makefiles", GCC can
> do it as well: -meabi [-msdata=eabi]
Yes, I know. GNU+NewLib works perfect with EABI for PowerPC. 
I already proved that several times with various releases.
However, if you look thru the mbx8xx and eth_comm bsp, you will find only some 
#defines, *not* -meabi/-msdata=eabi
If you add those compiler directives to your top-cfg file, it simply does not work. 
You will get several errors when you try to build RTEMS for those targets. 
Some areas need to be modified in order to handle the EABI conventions. 
Nothing special for people having background in this particular area, 
like you and me, but for the 'average' user ?

Dieter Schaefer

> > * The Linker does a real good job of dead-stripping code
> GCC can do it as well:
> during compilation: -ffunction-sections
> during link: -Wl,--gc-sections
> -- 
> Sergei.

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