invalid variable name: build_alias

Scott Newell newell at
Mon Dec 29 18:05:28 UTC 2003

>> I'm also seeing the cygwin build_alias bug.
>The last time this has been reported, the cause was the reporter having
>had an environment variable named LIB set.
>Make sure not to have set LIB.

"echo $LIB" shows that I do not have it set.

>>   I was able to get configure to
>> complete by switching from --target=m68k-rtems to --target=m68k-elf-rtems
>This doesn't make any sense, nor do I see how this is related to your

I don't either, but I was in the mood to try _anything_, and the result was

>FYI: the canonicalization triple's meaning is <CPU>-<VENDOR>-<OS> 
>m68k-rtems is equivalent to m68k-unknown-rtems (CPU=m68k,
>VENDOR=unknown, OS=rtems)
>m68k-elf-rtems would mean CPU=m68k, VENDOR=elf, OS=rtems.
>VENDOR here means board/HW vendor/manufacturer. With RTEMS, this field
>is not used, so the actual value is meaningless.



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