RTEMS - Tool chain compatibility ???

mansoor mansoor at isofttech.com
Wed Dec 31 05:21:27 UTC 2003

Hi All

First Wish U all a Happy New Year.

Iam working on porting RTEMS 4.6.0 pre5 to MIPS lx4189 (r3000 mips1) core
based board.
I have downloaded the RTEMS source and tool chain (mips-rtems)  for MIPS.

We have already ported linux to this board using mips-linux tool chain. Can
I use the same (mips-linux) tool chain to build RTEMS ?.
mips-linux tool chain is based on gcc version 2.95.3 and mips-rtems tool
chain I have is based on 3.2.3

Thanx in advance
Mansoor Ahamed Basheer

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